Mental Health Awareness

Ag Proud was born to create awareness around mental health in the rural sector, especially with all the negative farming stories in the media and the pressure of new Government policies. We are proud to be associated with these organisations. Remember - help is only a phone call away!

Rural Support Trusts (RSTs) are here for rural people and farming families across New Zealand.

On any normal day, we know that living and working rurally can be a challenge. Sometimes things can get a bit too much. If this might be you right now, or you are concerned for a family member or friend, call (0800 787254) for a free, confidential chat.

RSTs cover all aspects of rural agribusiness; dry stock, dairy, cropping, horticulture, forestry, poultry, and rural contracting. We support all rural people – owners, managers, staff, and contractors.

Our services are free and confidential.

Who are we?

Many of the trusts were originally formed to support the farmingcropping and horticulture communities during the financial pinch of the 1980s, or after a severe weather event. We have seen it all and have a long history of harnessing our networks to support our rural individuals and communities.

Call us on 0800 787 254 or have a look at your regional page or what we do.

Lance Burdett

WARN International specialises in mental health (we prefer to use the term mind health), personal resilience, communication and personal safety through online courses, keynote presentations and in person workshops. We inspire, motivate and encourage staff to look after both themselves and each other; improving the culture of your organisation and building personal resilience in individuals. We reduce risks to staff from both criminal and civil emergencies and provide practical tips to reduce situations. At the far end of the spectrum, we have programmes that allow you to engage with people who threaten suicide or choose violence to solve their problems. Resolve conflict, respond to emergencies and learn how control negative thoughts and emotions.

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Please see our Events page for Seminars run by Lance Burdett

Healthy Thinking helps you better manage the day-to-day ups and downs of farming.

Staying in the right headspace means you make good decisions, maintain positive relationships and cope well when the weather or global market throws you a curve ball.

Learning to cope when you’ve had a knock-back builds resilience. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and improve.

Resilient farmers draw on a network of people for help and advice. They also think in healthy ways, creatively solve problems and challenge their own view.

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  • The Stay Well project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the rural community.
  • We know many rural people work extremely hard physically and mentally, often without regard of the long term effects of such pressure.
  • We believe farmers are independent people who react well to relevant information and respect their ability to make good decisions.
  • We want to provide them with simple, clear indication of their current health status, at an easily accessible place, (often at local rural events.)
  • We aim to deliver our service in a polite professional and positive manner, which will encourage openness to change for the attendee.

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Joyce Brown 021 1333115

GoodYarn is an evidence-based, peer-delivered, mental health literacy programme for workplaces, both rural and urban, that enables people to talk about mental health.

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021 2347413